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About Rainbow Roses


Rainbow Roses were designed and developed by Peter van de Werken. Peter, married and father of a daughter and two sons, graduated in 1992 at the Agricultural College in Den Bosch. During his studies he specialized in biology, physics and chemistry. In 1993 Peter started in a private nursery in Nederhemert, a picturesque village in the river- area.

One of his hobbies is coloring flowers with natural dyes. His scientific background combined with this hobby and work resulted in a great Rainbow Rose. He wanted to share this beautiful rose with the world and he managed to set up production.

"It is wonderful to experience that the Rainbow Rose is rapidly dispersed throug the world. What touches me most is the Rainbow Rose means for many people something special, the rose adds something to their lives. Particular stories, special events, emotional situations. The Rainbow Rose gives the power to bring perspective, to process or share. " Peter van de Werke For international order please visit his website www.rainbowedroses.com


Rainbow roses are made by inserting dye into the stem of the roses. The dyes are produced from natural plant extracts. The dye is absorbed by the petals of the flower as they grow. There a special process then controls how much color reaches each petal. This process takes 12 and 24 hours, but how the different petal turn out different color is the secret of Peter Van Werken. Rainbow roses are difficult to make because its need a scientific engineering.Peter has an international patent for his creation.


Peter's website in Holland www.rainbowedroses.com
BUYER BEWARE: Rainbow roses are only available as a cut flower, and cannot be purchased as a rose bush or as seeds. Beware of fraudulent advertisements on E-Bay and Amazon offering Rainbow Rose Seeds or Rainbow Rose Bushes they are fraud and not possible since the only way to achieve rainbow roses is by a patented coloring process that is administered to a white rose only after the rose has grown and cannot be achieved in bush or seed form. Rainbow Rose Seeds and Rainbow Rose Bushes are a SCAM and you will just waste your money.